Time, they aren't a changin'

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A panel of business leaders met on Mackinac Island (I'm jealous) to discuss the state of business in Michigan, the increasingly business-less state. What were the main problems with innovation and doing business here? Taxes and complicated regulation:

“If it's complex to start a business, if it's complex to get through the bureaucracy, it's an inhibitor,” Compuware's COO Bob Paul said.


“You can go to single portal, and that's a good first step. But once you get in the single portal it's pretty complex. I think there's more work that can be done in Lansing to make it easier for people to grow their business and to bring business to the state.”

Good luck with that one. It would be pretty hard to distract the Democrats from raising taxes on businesses and "the rich" (I.E. the employed). But hope springs eternal, and November is coming.

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